Russian ambassador says no reason to politicize and dramatize issue regarding Orkhan Zeynalov

Baku: “The process on the issue regarding Orkhan Zeynalov is underway in accordance with the norms of Russian Federation. This was a preliminary judicial investigation. The prosecutor has already given his opinion and after it, the court will pass a judgment”, said the Russia Ambassador to Azerbaijan Vladimir Dorokhin while commenting on the trial of Azerbaijani citizen Orkhan Zeynalov who is accused of killing Moscow resident Yegor Sherbakov.

The ambassador noted that those who don’t agree with court judgment can make an appeal: “Everything is within the law”.

The diplomat also stressed that there is no reason to politicize and dramatize the situation: “Investigation is underway, your countryman has lawyers. In a word, I think that everything is good. There are all grounds for just solution of the issue”.

The prosecutor demanded 18 year-imprisonment for Zeynalov. The court will pass a judgment on July 28.