Russia to deliver freight cars to Azerbaijan

By: Amina Nazarli

Russia’s UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation will deliver 2,900 freight cars of various models to Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, read a message from UralVagonZavod on March 12.

Javid Gurbanov, the head of Azerbaijan Railways company and Oleg Sienko, the director general of UVZ corporation, discussed various aspects of cooperation during negotiations in Baku, confirmed a statement.

“Both sides agreed on a total number and nomenclature of freight cars to be delivered by UVZ corporation to Azerbaijan Railways company,” it read.

“These freight cars include universal gondola, grain car, tank for transportation of oil and oil products, hopper car for cement and others.”

Sienko noted production exports of transport engineering has become a key area for the corporation

Following the negotiations, the sides signed an agreement provisioning for the delivery of 2,900 various models of freight cars to Azerbaijan Railways CJSC.

Uralvagonzavod is a Russian machine building company. It is one of the largest scientific and industrial complexes in Russia and the largest main battle tank manufacturer in the world. The company’s main products include railway cars, tanks, road-building vehicles, agricultural vehicles, metallurgical products, tools and consumer goods.

Moreover, according to Moscow Defense Brief, it would appear that in 2008 the number of tanks produced by the company was greater than the number of main battle tanks produced in all other countries in the world taken together.

The construction of Azerbaijan’s railway system and its further developments are closely connected with oil extraction and refining.

According to the State decree, Azerbaijan laid its first railway cornerstone in 1878: Baku – Surakhani – Sabunchu line, which then stood at a length of 20 km. The construction was completed on January 20, 1880. It was then that oil began being transported in tanks. This day went down in history as the creation of Azerbaijan’ s railway system.

SOURCE: Azer News