Rumi poem reborn in chill-out track by Turkish DJ

A well-known poem by 13th-century Sufi saint and poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi is gaining new life in the hands of Turkish electronic musician and DJ Serdar Ayyildiz and Burcu Karadai, one of the world’s few female reed flute players (neyzen).

Elements of chill-out and lounge music are blended with Sufi tunes performed by Karadai in the song “Bi Man Maro” (Don’t Go without Me), based on Rumi’s poem of the same name.

The song, which the DJ has dedicated to his brother, GOkhan, who died last year, is featured on the compilation “Prophet Collection Vol. 3,” a 14-track selection of chill-out music put together by DJ Manuel and released on March 28 by M-Sol Records, a Macedonian record label.

A video for the song, shot in a historic madrasah in Istanbul, and also featuring footage shot on Istanbul’s streets, was posted on YouTube on April 17.