RUMEYSA – ‘Living pictures’ by Ryan Schude on display at Istanbul gallery

‘Living pictures’ by Ryan Schude on display at Istanbul galleryThe X-ist Gallery in NiIantaII has recently launched a solo show titled andldquoTableaux Vivants,andrdquo which translates into andldquoliving picturesandrdquo in English, by Los Angeles-based photographer Ryan Schude, whose name is familiar to Istanbuland#39s art audience.The show, which will be open until Nov.

16, offers an opportunity to see how a detailed mise en scandegravene can go hand-in-hand with beautiful photography. Mostly displaying a playful tone at first glance, the photographs in the show also carry a kind of uncanniness that is specific to family, home and belonging.

The exhibition text explains the creative process of these photos as follows: andldquoThe first ten photos of the series have different features in terms of concept and production. Over a six-year period, all of these works were carried out with different collaborators, emerging independently from each other The stories are told from a broad perspective, covering disappointments, humor, mystery, conflict and daily entertainment within them They were taken both in real places and studio sets, which were built from scratch, and were inspired by literature and cinema The last five photographs are constructed by the inspiration of Ryan Schudeand#39s family experiences.

andrdquoIndeed, Schude, by allowing many themes and genres to mix into each other, tries to achieve a certain chaos, but feeds it with meticulous details. When the viewer enters the gallery, for a moment, one cannot decide if the pictures hung on the wall are film scenes, hyperrealist paintings or mix-media collages.

What Schude perfectly manages in his tableaus is to create various settings, urban or countryside, with many objects and figures that are one step away from looking artificial. That is why andldquoTableaux Vivantsandrdquo presents a wide range of scenes that reach from an andldquoAfter Partyandrdquo to a peaceful camp in andldquoPond.

andrdquoOne of the recurrent themes in the show is Schudeand#39s focus on the family. Photos composed with the inspiration of Schudeand#39s family experiences portray the difficulty of maintaining a family as a single mother In works such as andldquoNest,andrdquo andldquoTreehouse,andrdquo andldquoPlaskett Ridgeandrdquo and andldquoTree,andrdquo he tries to investigate the concept of the mother and children in amazing settings, and yet he also, through the positioning of figures and the general mise en scandegravene, creates a dark atmosphere that can be interpreted through psychoanalysis, especially thinking of the lack of a father The bond between the children and the mother is an important element in these photos, where light and darkness are combined together to allow a multi-dimensional reading.

In andldquoRed House,andrdquo for example, he goes one step beyond and portrays a dysfunctional family, with parents fighting in the background and the kids on their own in the foreground. Schudeand#39s meticulous details and skill of mise en scandegravene turn this moment into a multi-layered, stylish picture.

Another topic Schude investigates seems to be decadence, especially in his photos andldquoAfter Party,andrdquo andldquoCarol Lynn Blackandrdquo and andldquoPromised Land.andrdquo In these photos, he manages to capture a moment of indulgence, where people are proud, but create a sympathetic atmosphere at the same time.

In that way, the photos operate on two levels, one for the objects of the photographs, and one for the audience observing them in an almost voyeuristic way, as the photos are polished in their mise en scandegravene for the eye of the audience.Overall, Schudeand#39s photography is exciting for various reasons.

First, for his ability to combine the tools of different formats, including photography, film and theater, and second for his depth in creating content with multiple layers on a 2D surface. Another interesting aspect of his photography is that he seems to have figured out a contemporary use of photography as a creative practice.

He employs an eclectic method to create images that will make the audience look further and further, tracking every tiny detail and going deeper than the surface, which offers a good deal of thought for the art lovers of Istanbul.andquotRed Houseandquot by Ryan SchudeandquotTreehouseandquot by Ryan Schud.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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