RUMEYSA – Elgiz Museum offers open-air sculpture show

Elgiz Museum offers open-air sculpture showLocated among the many business plazas in the neighborhood of Maslak in Istanbul, the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art is currently home to a terrace exhibition featuring 32 artists under the age of 40.The Elgiz Museum continues its “Terrace Exhibitions” series in its 1,500-square-meter open-air exhibition space amid the skyscrapers in Istanbul’s business center, explains the director of the museum, Billur Tansel, in an interview with Today’s Zaman.

“Works are curated based on age, not a theme or concept,” Tansel adds and continues: “Having commenced in 2012, the third of the Terrace Exhibitions series is taking place this year, and shows the works of sculptors under the age of 40. Applications of sculptors within that age limit are evaluated by the aisory committee, which consists of Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur, Nilufer Ergin, HaIim Nur Gurel and Can Elgiz,” she informs Today’s Zaman.

“According to the Azra Erhat Mythology Lexicon, ‘Whatever Daedalus is amongst the people, Hephaestus is amongst the gods: The sublimity of art and craftsmanship is symbolized by them’,” HaIim Nur Gurel, one of the members in the aisory committee, says in his introductory text to the exhibition catalogue, and continues to quote from Erhat: “In all seriousness, Daedalus is at the same time an architect and a sculptor, he crafts all kinds of mechanical instruments and is a multi-talented creator of lively sculptures, such as those expressed in Plato’s dialogue Meno.”On the day that she was installing the works in the exhibition area, Gurel says: “During midday yesterday at the museum, as I was leaning on the parapet of the terrace, I looked at the hardworking, vivid crowd in front of me.

Those who were taking shelter in the shadows of office blocks, running around in the sunshine, those who were speaking to one another, those discussing and trying to resolve something, those who were serving food and drinks, those taking a break for a couple of minutes, those who together were carrying the heaviest sculptures, those welding the centers of base plates, those spraying those final layers of varnish, those shoveling the gravel, those who were not shying away from asking for help, those working as a team according to their abilities, some tattooed, others gray-haired, some with piercings, others with colorful bandanas it seemed as though I was face-to-face with a kind of family-tribe.”“This artists’ clan was being reflected on the towering navy-blue window-paned business towers’ facades, and with the movement of the daytime sun from east to west, they composed constantly changing photographic frames,” Gurel further notes.

Regarding the previous editions of this exhibition series, Tansel says that in 2013 Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers contributed as a guest committee member, raising the series to an international level. “And this year, two artists have been invited to exhibit their works at the “La Balade de Seprais” in the Jura region of Switzerland.

Works that challenge the notorious winds of the Maslak district are on view in an extraordinary space. In the shadows of the skyscrapers and constantly changing surroundings, spectators can view art from a different perspective,” she explains.

Tansel further says that the Elgiz Museum proudly presents its dynamic program for the new season in different categories of contemporary art, as well as its acclaimed permanent collection. “Terrace Exhibitions is an opportunity for art lovers to view an exquisite selection of stunning contemporary sculptures and installations in Istanbul’s only changing open-air exhibition space,” she says.

The artists featured at the exhibition include Ahmet zparlak, Ali Alizadeh, Aycan Guler, AyIe Sultan BabayiIit, BahadIr olak, Bestami Gerekli, Caner Iengunalp, aIdaI Erelik, ayan YIlmaz, Derya zparlak, Esra SaIlIk, Giorgia Razzetta, Guray Morgul, Guzin Merve zgren, Hakan BakIr, Hakan Inar, Halil DaIkesen, Hande Iekerciler, Imdat AvcI, Kutlu Alican Duzel, Mahmut AydIn, Meliha Szeri, Nihan Gunduzalp lmez, Orkide Akko Sabit, Ramazan Duymaz, Saim Cem ArIkan, Ienay Ulusoy, Tanzer ArII, TuIberk Seluk, Turgay Topu, UIur Hasekin and umit Turgay Durgun.The exhibition will be on show until Aug.

24. For more information, visit www.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman