Rovnag Abdullayev: “Opportunities on double increase of TANAP capacity in the future have been taken into account”

Baku: Azerbaijan-produced energy carriers are transported to Black and Mediterranean Seas through Georgia and have become an important factor of global energy supply system, said the President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) Rovnag Abdullayev at the B20 Azerbaijan Regional Consultation Forum.

“Oil and gas pipelines play an important role in transportation of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan’s oil to world markets alongside with Azerbaijani oil. Along with providing its own energy security, Azerbaijan also contributes to Georgian and Turkish energy supply. As well as we take serious steps for energy security of European countries. Close cooperation among Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey is the most significant guarantee that our joint projects will be implemented successfully in the future”.

Abdullayev noted that despite instability in energy carrier market these works are underway.

“Pipelines in the total length of 3,500 km are being constructed for transportation of gas resources to be produced within the Shah Deniz Stage-2, which has rich resources, to Turkey and Europe. The first segment of this system is the Stage -2, the second segment is the South Caucasus Pipeline to transport the gas to Georgia and Turkey. We are expanding this pipeline and actually constructing second pipeline parallel to it. The South Caucasus Pipeline will be merged with TANAP on Georgia-Turkey border. TANAP length will make 1,830 km, transportation capacity – 16 bcm. Opportunities on double increase of TANAP capacity in the future have been taken into account. Initially, TANAP will transport 6 bcm of gas to Turkey, 10 bcm to Europe. However, we calculate our activity in the construction of the pipeline for the future. We think that TANAP’s significance will increase with the course of time. The fourth segment of the South Caucasus Pipeline will be TAP to be connected with TANAP on Turkey-Greece border. This pipeline, with the total length of 871 km, will transport Azerbaijani gas to Italy and Western Europe through Greece, Albania and Adriatic Sea. First gas will be delivered to Turkey in 2018, to Europe in 2020. Today, the international community is interested in the Southern Gas Corridor. We sure that the Southern Gas Corridor will contribute to the economic development of countries interesting in this project”, Abdullayev said.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency