Roofs of buildings burn up in İstanbul’s Gaziosmanpasa

Roofs of three adjacent buildings burned up in a fire in İstanbul’s Gaziosmanpasa in early hours of Thursday. No one was killed or injured in fire, which was extinguished by fire fighters. The moments were caught on a cell phone.

The incident took place at a four-storey building’s roof, located in 1018 street in Hayrettinpasa neighborhood at around 01:00 a.m. The fire reportedly broke out in the electric contact, and grew up in a short time. The fire spread to the three buildings. The drivers, passing nearby the building, warned the residents of the building by blowing horns.

Over the report, fire fighters were dispatched to the scene from Gaziosmanpasa and Bayrampasa districts. The residents flocked to the street with fear. Also the police and health units were sent to the scene.

Fire fighters intervened in the fire. After half an hour-effort, the fire was taken under control. One of the residents, Yucel Kececi said that the fire broke out due to the isolation materials, which were blazed by the electric contact.

The damage occurred at the roofs of the buildings. An investigation was launched in order to determine the exact reason of fire.