Roofing cost for presidential palace equal to 89,000 average salaries

The European Association of Judges (EAJ) has called on Turkey to free two judges who were arrested in early May over their verdicts to release Samanyolu Broadcasting Group General Manager Hidayet Karaca and 63 police officers, emphasizing that the judgesand’ arrest clearly violates the principle of judicial independence.
Discussing the arrest of Judge Mustafa Baier from the Istanbul 32nd Court of First Instance and Judge Metin andOzandcelik from the Istanbul 29th Court of First Instance during a meeting in Gdansk, Poland on Wednesday, the EAJ highlighted the importance of the independence of the judiciary. and”Any attempt to undermine the freedom of a judge to establish facts and apply the law in a particular case constitutes a clear breach of [the] principle of judicial independence,and” the EAJ said in a statement released after the meeting.
and”The EAJ condemns the arrest and detention of any judge on the basis of a decision taken in the exercise of the judgeand’s judicial functions and calls for the immediate release of the judges,and” according to the statement.
Judge Baier ruled on April 25 to release Karaca and the police officers after Judge andOzandcelik accepted a petition from Karacaand’s lawyers asking for a new judge. However, the ruling outraged the government, which then jailed the judges and invalidated the court ruling, describing it as a andquotcoup against the government.andquot

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman