Robbery in jewelry shop caught on tape

ISTANBUL: A robbery, in which 150 gold bracelets and 150 watches were stolen by 6 robbers from a jewelry shop, was caught on tape second by second by the security cams.

After taking a robbery denunciation, policemen from public security branch office has conducted a meticulous investigation to find the suspects, who have caused wide range property robbery inside the jeweler store.

During the investigation, it has been revealed that, the robbers first held some investigation around the store to prepare a robbery. In the is seen that suspects entering the store and inactivating the owner of the jewelry business.

After the operation, which was conducted by the policemen Koba B. (25), Ramazi B. (45), Biktori M.(24), Koba B. (51), Mamuka B. (35) and Oksana B. (24) were taken to the under arrest.

In the is also seen that, robbers are running away after grabbing valued jewels on the bench and moneys inside of the safe box. Robbers also dragged the owner on the floor during the incident. Mehmet O, owner of the store said that he opened his business at 11:00 a clock. “While I was showing the watches on the bench to the clients someone hit to my face with hard object. After they got me on the ground they strangled my neck with a rope. I fainted and they usurped 150 gold bracelet and 150 watches and 5000 Turkish Lira, my mobile phone and rifle,” noted Mehmet O.