Rights group issues preliminary report on electoral fraud

Turkeyand’s Human Rights Association (iHD) issued a preliminary report regarding incidents of electoral fraud that occurred during Sundayand’s crucial general election.
According to the report:
-Election observers from the iHD were barred by the police from entering schools used as poll stations in the provinces of Siirt and Kirikkale.
-In the GandOlbaii district and the Lalahan neighborhood of Ankara, observers from the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) were threatened and moved away from ballot boxes.
-Three HDP observers were prevented from doing their job in a primary school in the province of Aydin, while in another Aydin school, observers from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) blocked the functioning of the election board, delaying people voting for an hour.
-An AK Party parliamentary candidate in the eastern province of Mui arrived at the polling station he was set to cast his vote at accompanied by village guards, who were prioritized for voting, while there was a line of people waiting to vote. It was claimed that no lawyers and reporters were allowed into the school where the polling station was located.
-A total of 350 ballots were revoked in the eastern Iidir province because they did not bear an official seal.
-In the KeandciandOren district of Ankara, AK Party supporters threw voters the and”Rabia sign,and” a symbol used by anti-coup protesters, especially the Muslim Brothers in Egyptand’s 2013 coup, in which President Muhammad Morsi was overthrown.
Social media users and various news sources reported other irregularities concerning the election throughout the day. A person in an izmir primary school voted four times, according to the news portal Dokuz8haber. An individual in the Gemlik district of Bursa and another in the province of Manisa were identified as having voted even though their names were not registered at the particular ballot boxes.
In the Okmeydani district of Istanbul, a child was photographed with ballots showing votes for both the AK Party and the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) while polls were still open, even though taking ballots outside of the voting booth is forbidden.
A police officer in the province of Yalova was reported to have photographed his ballot after casting his vote for the AK Party and said he did it in order to be promoted. In a school in Istanbuland’s Beiiktai neighborhood, some ballots were seen to bear no official seals.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman