Richard Morningstar hopes Azerbaijan’s new energy projects will attract the U.S. and other countries

Baku: Aynur Aliyeva; “The sinning of the final investment decision on Shah Deniz project should not be considered the completion of works. On the contrary, we expect more great works. We are pleased to work with Azerbaijan in this direction. Azerbaijan should further focus attention on the search for new deposits in the Caspian Sea”, said U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar addressing the first international Caspian Energy Forum-2014 in Baku today.

The ambassador said that international partnership is one of the important issues for Azerbaijan: “International partnership is an important factor in the implementation of new projects and in finding new deposits. For example, the success of the BTC project is derived from international partnership.”

According to the diplomat, Azerbaijan should take 3 factors as a basis for energy issue: “First, the companies selected in the new projects are to be supported by the state. Second, there are technical issues in the new projects that international companies can use modern technology. Third, these projects are quite expensive. Therefore, in this issue there is a need for international partnership.”

The ambassador added that Azerbaijan’s new energy projects will attract the companies of the United States and other countries