Returning back to Kobane, people started to darn their ruined houses

DEIR EZ ZOR: After repelling of extremist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants from the city, reasonable number of Kobane people returned back to their war-torn city and started to repair their houses and shops among huge debris and rubble piles.

According to reports at least 15,000 refugees from Kobane who have found temporary shelter in Turkey, returned back to their homeland passing cross-points on Syrian borderline as the city cleaned up from ISIL occupation after 4 months fierce clashes backed by US-led coalition airstrikes.

Although there is no power and water supply in the city, people prefer to struggle make their homes fit to live in. Speaking to Cihan microphone, Co-Chairman of Kobane canton Anwar Muslim stated that the 80% of the city ruined while another 20% also got damaged during the clashes and bombardments.

“The heaviest damaged part of the city is Kaniya Kurda neighborhood where the fiercest clashes happened. The biggest destruction unfortunately occurred in this part of the city while houses are tore down and repairing of the houses is impossible here. The city also suffers from lack of electricity and water. Both electric and water supply networks destroyed during the war,” Muslim added.

The greater returns to Kobane from Turkey are expected in further months after weather condition become more suitable.