Retirement no hindrance to good works for 12 Karabuk men

Twelve retirees in the northern province of Karabuk who have dedicated the remainder of their lives to charity have built 14 mosques and 100 fountains and planted 2,500 saplings around their district.

Celil İnci, Ramazan Tekin, Abdullah Bozkurt, İsmail Cebeci, Mehmet Halıcı and several others started a small charity group to help their neighborhood flourish and allow others to benefit from their service. İnci stated that it all began by building a mosque in their village.

“When the mosque was finally completed, we decided to use the remaining timber to build a smaller mosque. After building three smaller mosques, we started struggling financially and asked for help from Mehmet Meşe. He was more than happy to assist us, and we built more than 14 small mosques around the district,” said İnci, adding that after the mosques were completed, they started planting saplings along the roadside.

“I can say that we planted more than 2,500 saplings last year, and we plan to plant more. When people see us, they show interest and join us. All these services are free of charge,” explained İnci.

Tekin (65) stated that he has more time for charity work after retiring from his job, and Cebeci (63) said that he has enjoyed working with trees after retiring from his job at the state forest management department.