Rescue operation in progress after car fell into canal

YENI DELHI (CIHAN)- In a tragic incident, a car fell into West Yamuna Canal , near Badi Majra bridge in Yamunanagar district, on Sunday night. It is still not known how many people were travelling in the car. But as per the
Witnesses few children and women were on board and the kids cried for help at the time of accident , but nobody could help as the flow of water was too high . The exact cause of the accident could not be known but as per the reports the car was over speeding and it seemed to have lost balance and fell into the deep canal.

The accident came to light when some passers-by saw the car falling into the canal and informed the police . A joint rescue operation conducted by the police and divers is still on, but the strong flow of
water in the canal is hampering the rescue work. The accident also attracted quite a crowd at the site .