Representatives of different religions gather for iftar in Moscow

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- People from different religions came together at a fast-breaking meal (iftar) tent in Moscow which was set up by metropolitan’s municipality under the guidance of Russian Mufti Council.

The event was held with the attendance of more than 500 people from various beliefs including numbers of Russian intellectuals and governmental officials.

Making an opening speech of the event, Mufti of Moscow Ildar Alyautdinov stated that the iftar tent will be in the service of Muscovites during the Ramadan month.

“Along with the iftar dinner we will present different events every day. We are also planning to offer to our guests different cuisines of different cultures every day. But the most important feature of Ramadan tent is that it was set up at the Victory Park. There are Mosque, Orthodox Church and Jewish Synagogue here. Accordingly, the doors of our tent will be open to the people from all faiths. Our aim is not dividing humans but unite them,” Alyautdinov added

Famous Russian journalist, Head of Russia Today News Agency Dimitry Kselyov also made a speech at the event saying that holy Ramadan makes great contribution to the tolerance, peace and tranquility atmosphere.

“I am orthodox but I have a great respect to Russia’s Islamic tradition. I dont feel myself strange to it. There have not been religion wars in Russia and not will be. This can be a good example for other civilizations,” Kselyov said in his speech.

After the speeches Egyptian Islamic cleric Sheikh Ali recited Holy Quran.