Reporter shares his press card covered in blood on social media

The police have detained a Bugandun reporter who was part of a crowd gathered in front of the ipek Media Group headquarters on Wednesday in protest of the latest crackdown on the critical media.
Kamil Maman was treated harshly and then detained by the police, who used excessive force and tear gas during the raid on the ipek Media Group. Photos of police holding Maman by his head have circulated on social media and sparked outrage.
The police went to the headquarters after the government appointed several trustees to replace the management of ipek Koza Holding, which houses media outlets including Bugandun TV, the flagship station that has emerged as the main platform for opposition politicians over recent months.
Maman was taken to a hospital for a medical check-up after he was detained. While being taken to the police station after the health check, he told reporters his hands were cuffed behind his back, adding, and”This is the value given to the media!and”
Millet daily reporter Mustafa Kiliandc was also violently dragged out of the ipek Media Group headquarters by the police when he tried to enter his office on Wednesday morning. Kiliandc fell as a result of the assault and his hand started bleeding. Kiliandc later shared a photo on his personal Twitter account showing him holding his press card spattered with blood.
Video footage and photos shared on Twitter and Facebook show several reporters and individuals working in the ipek Media Group being handcuffed and attacked by riot police.
In one of the videos, the police knock an employee of the group down onto the street and handcuff him from behind as a police officer steps on him. The employeeand’s head was bleeding when he was lifted from the street and pushed towards the crowd.
Another journalist, Zaman daily reporter Celal Kaya, was also detained later in the day by the police who used force against him as he was covering the protests in front of the Bugandun headquarters following the raid.
Police also seized the phone another Zaman reporter, Metin Ormanci, on the grounds that he does not hold an official press card. Police reportedly deleted photos taken by the reporters.
The police on Wednesday morning tried to clear a path for several trustees who were appointed by the Ankara 5th Penal Court of Peace to enter the building. While trying to do so the police assaulted many people who had gathered in front of the ipek Media Group headquarters since Monday evening in solidarity with the employees. Those gathered included reporters and a lawmaker from the main opposition party.
Penal courts of peace are a new feature of the justice system that was established by the government when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was prime minister as specially authorized courts with extraordinary powers that contradict universal rules of law.