Report: Naval command allegedly profiles personnel

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Documents recently revealed to media outlets have shown that military personnel are being profiled in terms of religious preferences at the Gölcuk Naval Command base, the Cumhuriyet daily reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, leaked documents, prepared by Lt. Col. I.G., Lt T.A., Captain T.G. and Lt. Col. K.S., have shown that many officers and noncommissioned officers were being classified in terms of their religion and ethnic origins at the Gölcuk Naval Command base.
The documents also showed that those officers and noncommissioned officers were profiled according to the religious places of worship they attend or the newspapers they read. Those profiling documents reportedly also included private information about the family lives of some officers and noncommissioned officers.
There are four columns on the documents. In the first column, the names of officers are written, in the second, the surnames are written, in the third column, their ranks, while in the fourth column are observations about those officers.
In addition, the word “kullanIlabilir” (usable) is written next to the names of some officers. What this note might be referring to is unclear. The officers were mostly classified according to whether they were Alevi, Armenian, members of the Support for Modern Life Association (ÇYDD) or whether they went to a cemevi (an Alevi house of worship).

The Cumhuriyet daily claimed that the General Staff has launched an administrative investigation into the profiling allegations regarding the Gölcuk Naval Command base. According to the daily’s report, those whose names were included in the profiling documents filed petitions with the General Staff to investigate the allegations.

According to one document, for instance, Sgt. Maj. S.Y. is an Alevi citizen who attends activities held each year to commemorate the Alevi figure HacI BektaI. The note “usable” was written next to the name of S.Y.

Another sergeant, Sgt. Maj. E.Y., was identified as “usable.” The note placed on the observation column states that this person is an Armenian citizen and this person can be “trained and used.”

(CihanToday’s Zaman)