Report: Many members of police arrested in sweeping pre-dawn raids

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Turkish authorities reportedly arrested a number of members of the police who attended recent corruption operation in pre-dawn raids, a whistle-blower has said.

Fuat Avni, a senior Turkish official who has been secretly reporting from within the Turkish government since earlier this year, said on his Twitter account that the much-anticipated operation against members of the police has started. He said at least 29 members of the police were detained by police in raids.

He said early on Tuesday that Istanbul Police Anti-Terrorism Unit conducted simultaneous raids in more than 40 venues and the operation is largely directed against junior police officers. He said the police were arrested while they were having their pre-fast meal. One of mothers of the police officers fainted after her son was detained.

The whistle blower said the operation against senior members of the police will take place at around 4 a.m. in the morning.

Avni said the operations largely focused in Istanbul’s Alibeyky ve HalkalI districts. (Cihan-TZ)