Renault factory workers strike in Turkey

Approximately 5,000 workers in a factory run by Renault, which is one of Turkey’s most significant automobile producers, stopped production activities during their shift between 4 p.m. and midnight on Thursday, and have refused to return to work at the factory since then.

On Friday morning, more than 1,500 workers, who work the 12-8 a.m. shift at the Renault factory in the province of Bursa, did not start their shift and staged demonstrations at the courtyard of the factory. The workers, who complained about low salaries, demanded an executive of the factory show up and deliver a statement, as for a month they could not get an executive from the company to hear and address their problems.

The workers told the Dogan news agency that a labor union recently managed to get the workers in another factory in the automobile industry a 60 percent raise in their wages. According to the workers, the same union does not protect their rights.

The Renault factory in Bursa normally produces nearly 400 cars in each shift.