Renault factory at standstill amid failure to reach agreement

Amid ongoing negotiations, production remained at a standstill as factory workers from automotive giant Renault failed to reach an agreement with the company regarding better pay as of Tuesday evening, according to news outlets.
Prior negotiations with the factory workers at Renault’s plant in the automotive production capital of Bursa lasted for six hours beginning on Monday evening and ending at 4 a.m. on Tuesday. The company proposed a TL 1,000 aance and other incentives, plus an additional TL 600 bonus at the end of the year, with a promise to increase hourly wages within the next month.
However, workers rejected the offer when Renault did not specify the amount of the hourly wage increase. After negotiations came to an end, workers continued their strike by sleeping in the gardens of the factory.
Negotiations subsequently resumed between Renault management and the workers at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, the 13th day of the strike, although an agreement was not reached as of Tuesday evening.
The Renault workers set off a chain reaction of strikes at automotive plants, mostly in the industry’s heart of Bursa, where large numbers of workers walked off the job demanding pay increases.
Factory workers from the TOFAi, CoikunandOz, Mako and Ototrim plants were also on strike but have all since reached agreements with their respective employers. Meanwhile, workers at the Eskiiehir and Kocaeli branches of Ford Otosan, a joint operation between automaker giant Ford and Turkey’s Koandc Holding, are still on strike. While the Kocaeli workers began their strike last week, hundreds of workers at the Ford Otosan factory in Eskiiehir province refused to work on Monday in solidarity with the Kocaeli factory.

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One worker was killed when he fell down an elevator shaft at the construction of a trade center in the northern province of Antalya on Tuesday.
The body of an 18-year-old construction worker, Kemal Erol was found in a lift shaft at around 8 a.m.
After having breakfast with his colleagues at the construction site in Antalya’s Etiler neighborhood, Erol went missing. His friends later found him lying dead in the shaft.
Tuesday’s incident came as the latest of what most people call “workplace murders” as they stem mostly from lax safety measures at work sites. Turkey has already a poor record with regards to workplace safety conditions, with thousands of employees dying each year. While 2014 saw 1,886 workers killed in work-related accidents, those kinds of accidents claimed the lives of at least 482 workers in the first four months of this year alone.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman