Recommendations for both HDP and Huda-Par

I was in Diyarbakir recently with a group of human rights defenders in order to meet with the parties in the most recent conflict between the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the Free Cause Party (Handuda-Par).
As is known, four people were killed in two blasts at an HDP rally in Diyarbakir just before the election. HDP Co-chair Selahattin Demirtai said last Monday that a string of bombings targeting the party during its campaign had been linked to Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants. Last Wednesday, Aytaandc Baran, the chairman of the Knowledge, Service, Solidarity and Research Association (Yeni ihya-Der) that is affiliated with Handuda-Par, which draws sympathizers from Hezbullah, was shot dead in Diyarbakir. That same night, three HDP supporters were killed in a clash.
It was obvious that there was secret hand behind the efforts to stir up the city. I still believe there are some unidentified circles that are working to realize their chaos plans. By the way, there is an astounding information overload such that we are unable to believe in any of the contradictory data. In order to better listen to the parties and invite them to act with consciousness we immediately formed a group.
Our first visit was to the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) — a platform that brings together Kurdish nongovernmental organizations and the Education and Science Employees Union (Eiitim-ii) — in the Ofis district of the southeastern province. Hatip Dicle, the co-chair of the DTK, recounted what happened during the events and his hope that the perpetrators of the crimes be captured. We later visited the HDPand’s Diyarbakir branch. Co-chairs Gandulien andOzer and andOmer andOnen as well as new deputies Feleknas Uca and imam Taiandcier were in the meeting. The HDP side says they were the victims and their branches were under attack during election campaigning. They condemn the killing of Baran and expressed the views of their movement. They also underlined that they are fully aware that there are some unidentified powers that are trying to provoke and manipulate the tension.
We also went to the Handuda-Parand’s Diyarbakir branch. Diyarbakir Chair ieyhmus Tanrikulu and Vice President Handuseyin Yilmaz told us the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) doesnand’t grant anyone, including Handuda-Par the right to exist, nor does it give the right for any other political movement to be seen as an alternative. They said Handuda-Par was the real victim which is why they have not responded to any attacks to date. We then paid Yeni ihya-Der a condolence visit.
We recommended that both sides act with sanity and wisdom and not in anger, also expressing our solidarity with the people of Diyarbakir.
A detail that I had asked both political parties was corrected by both of them. They say security forces had told them days ago that they may be attacked and had warned each one about the other and”according to information gathered.and” The source of the police information was unknown. It looks like the Diyarbakir police was running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. It is the stateand’s responsibility to uncover the secret shadow behind the veil but there have been no positive developments yet. The state has not fulfilled its responsibility to provide a secure atmosphere and I hope they can do so in the future. Nevertheless, we have to concentrate on who benefited from this conflict.
Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi once said, and”I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary the evil it does is permanent.and” It is obvious that none of the parties will benefit from this conflict and all of Turkey will be damaged if it is not stopped.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman