Recitation of dawn adhan from minaret speakers banned in northern Cypriot town

A local court in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) banned the recitation of the dawn adhan — the Islamic call to prayer — through minaret speakers on the grounds that it disturbs locals.

In the town of Lefke, lawyer Feza Guzeloglu asked a court to ban the recitation of the dawn adhan, which is recited in the early hours of the day, through minaret speakers. As the trial is still continuing, the court issued an interim decision to ban the adhan until the trial is concluded.

After the decision issued on Monday, the dawn adhan was not being recited from the minaret speakers of three mosques in the town. If the court’s final verdict upholds the ban, the ruling may set a precedent for other complaints.

Lefke representative of Directorate of Religious Affairs Mehmet Genc criticized decision of the court saying such a decision can only be taken to the directorate. He said the decision is not binding for them.

One of the people named Resat Yolac who went to the mosque for dawn prayer said recitation of adhan must be respected. We live in a Muslim community. Majority of the KKTC are Muslims.” he added.


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