RACHEL – Organized GenlerbirliIi fells Fener ahead of BeIiktaI derby

Organized GenlerbirliIi fells Fener ahead of BeIiktaI derbyThe first half of the GenlerbirliIi-Fenerbahe match was a time bomb and Fenerbahe was pegged to score first, but a surprisingly offensive Genler damaged the Yellow Canariesand#39 championship dreams with a 2-1 win.andldquoWe reaped the fruits of the work we did all week,andrdquo coach Mesut Bakkal said.

andldquoEnthusiasm and team unity have brought out a different GenlerbirliIi. Fenerbahe had control for the first 15 minutes, but after that we had a team that attacked and got results.

We put on a good match,andrdquo he added.Serbia midfielder Radosav Petrovic found a wide open position just outside the box and shot a ball whizzing toward the top left corner of the net.

Volkan Demirel could not stop it, though the veteran goalkeeper had made several critical saves earlierEmmanuel Emenike collected a ball and sprinted up the center of the pitch, dodging one defender before DoIa Kaya expertly slid the ball out from under the Nigeria striker and prevented him from coming one-on-one with Ramazan Kse in the net.Twice the keeper had blocked a Fenerbahe shot to leave the ball vulnerable in front of the net, but his defense continuously shut down the Canaries, who needed a win to surpass rival Galatasaray.

The Lions lost the league leadership after a 2-2 draw against Istanbul BaIakIehir on Saturday.False hopesGenlerbirliIi kept up the heat and put Volkanand#39s skills to the test.

The offensive game of the hosts left them open to counter attacks and Fenerbahe had several runs.But the Ankara teamand#39s defense reigned in the Canaries to keep a mostly clean slate in the face of Fenerbaheand#39s star-studded offense.

Senegal striker Moussa Sow ran straight up the pipe on a counter attack but was anticlimactically dispossessed at the top of the box.Emre BelzoIlu used a free kick to send a long shot to Bekir Irtegun, who jumped into Ramazan as he punched the high ball out of the box.

Emre later picked up a pass at the top of the box only to kick it over the net.Portugal defender Bruno Alves fouled to give up a dangerous free kick, which Genler sent to Mostapha El Kabir running up the right.

He grounded the ball across the net but missed by inches. Minutes later, Mehmet Topal headed a pass from Caner Erkin for a goal.

Fenerbahe had found its equalizer in the 76th minute.andldquoWe started out well in the first 20-25 minutes.

After that, our opponent evened it out,andrdquo Fenerbahe coach Ismail Kartal said. andldquoAt times they played better than we did.

We conceded at a moment we did not expect. Later we equalized.

After that, we had a few good attempts but could not make use of them Our opponent had some chances they could not use, either,andrdquo he added.GenlerbirliIi got one more that it did capitalize on.

Volkan was caught pulled up a bit too far as Ivory Coast midfielder Jean Jacques Gosso kicked a long pass deep into the right. It flew behind the Fenerbahe keeper and El Kabir headed into the far corner to regain the lead.

Last chance before derbyandldquoWe tried to make changes and turn the score in our favor, but it did not happen,andrdquo Kartal said. andldquoWe want to forget this match, start preparing for our match with BeIiktaI next weekend and just move on,andrdquo he added.

Ramazan blocked a last ditch effort by Emenike to give Fenerbahe a corner in the dying minutes, but the Canaries failed to use it. Webo headed another attack just wide.

The loss means that the Canaries missed out on an important chance to overtake Galatasaray and gain an aantage on the two rival teamand#39s race for a fourth star Fenerbahe thus maintained the tradition of dropping points whenever Galatasaray does.BeIiktaI has been the greatest beneficiary of week 24, having scored five goals against Suat AltIn InIaat Kayseri Erciyesspor to finish 5-1 and leapfrog Galatasaray for the leadership.

Fenerbahe has fallen to four points shy of the leader, who continues to dream of winning the season commemorating its late former chairman Suleyman SebaEarlier on Sunday, EskiIehirspor defeated Mersin Idman Yurdu 2-0 at home.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman