RACHEL – Eagles aim to finish what they started at Feyenoord

Eagles aim to finish whatthey started at FeyenoordBeIiktaI must avoid the overconfidence trap as it hosts Feyenoord with a 2-1 aantage in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.The Black Eagles edged 2-1 their Dutch opponents in their first competitive match of the season last week.

“Overall it was a good victory for us. We did our homework before the game and we approached it with the right mentality and we got a perfect result with two away goals,” Canada midfielder Atiba Hutchinson told BJK TV prior to the second-leg match.

That puts BeIiktaI in a highly critical position. Feyenoord could easily spring a comeback if BeIiktaI lets it.

In fact, the Dutch club already began with an injury time penalty that shrank the Black Eagles’ two-goal lead to one last week.Stifling a comebackIf the Rotterdam-based club can keep up that momentum, BeIiktaI will require all of its skill to shut fresh coach Fred Rutten’s men down at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.

At the very least, the Eagles are going to want to keep a sharp eye on forward Mitchell Te Vrede, who shot the penalty past BeIiktaI keeper Tolga Zengin.Any win and coveted away goals are an aantage, but BeIiktaI coach Slaven Bilic is neither content nor complacent.

“We are not all that happy with the score because we’ve got another 90 minutes to play,” the Croatian coach said. “My players implemented our game plan perfectly and managed to pacify their forwards.

We were also quite effective up front,” he noted.“Normally they are a good team and maybe they didn’t have their best game,” Hutchinson agreed.

“But they will want to have a better performance and try to do everything to get through. We will have to be focused enough to get a good result,” he added.

The bad news is that BeIiktaI may be a few men down. The lineup has yet to take its final form, but Tomas Sivok, Serdar KurtuluI and OIuzhan zyakup all trained separately from the team on Monday.

The good news is that Mustafa Pektemek, who scored the first goal in leg one, in addition to Olcay Iahan, Veli Kavlak and Ramon Motta had returned to the fold for practice.Focus or bust“Our 2-1 win in the first match should not drag us into complacency.

Confidence is good, but too much is bad,” keeper Cenk Gnen told BJK TV ahead of round two. “We showed that we were a good team there.

We have to manage another good result here to secure that,” he added.“Two away goals is a pretty good aantage, but we obviously do not want to think about the first game,” Hutchinson said, noting, “We just want to forget about that to focus and prepare for the next game.

”Coach Bilic nailed it when he said: “The last word will be said in Istanbul. We have to be extremely cautious because they are a strong side.

” But BeIiktaI would like to survive long enough to hear a few words said about its Champions League campaign beyond what will happen Wednesday.The match kicks off at 8:30 pm at Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, as the Black Eagles’ home in BeIiktaI is still being rebuilt.

The referee will be Germany’s Felix Zwayer, aided by Marco Achmuller and Marcel Pelgrim on the sidelines, plus Tobias Stieler as the fourth official. Live on Smart Sport 20:30BeIiktaI vs.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman