RACHEL – BeIiktaI late in transfer game for CL, Bilic hopeful

BeIiktaI late in transfer game for CL, Bilic hopefulThe summer transfer season is not getting any longer and BeIiktaI coach Slaven Bilic is well aware that the club needs to win over a few new players before the UEFA Champions League kicks off in less than a month.“We were a little bit late in putting together the current team and working with them,” the Croatian coach said through a translator during a press conference on Thursday.

“There are a few players we are in talks with. Our club is in negotiations.

I hope that these players will join us as soon as possible,” he said without getting into specifics.Having finished third in the Spor Toto Super League last season, BeIiktaI qualified for the third elimination round of the UEFA Champions League.

Normally, third place teams head for the lower tier Europa League instead, but BeIiktaI got an upgrade when Super League champion Fenerbahe was banned for two years due to match-fixing allegations.BeIiktaI has already served its one-year ban over the allegations.

The Black Eagles will begin their Champions League campaign on July 29 or 30, not long after groups are drawn on July 18. The team was in training camp in Germany in preparation until Thursday.

After two hard-earned days of rest, the club is headed to the UK for their next camp and friendly matches against Wigan Athletics, KV Oostende and FC Mainz.Taking offenseBeIiktaI has not seen much action on the transfer front, but the coach denied newspaper reports that he was very frustrated with the situation at the club.

If anything, he said, it is the press that has him annoyed.Bilic has not spent much time explaining himself, which led to rumors that he was hiding from publicity.

He assured members of the press during a press conference on Wednesday that he had full confidence in the club’s football director nder zen, with whom he works closely to sign new players.He also gave some indication of their plans to pump up the team enough to play on three fronts this season.

“There will be four new players. From those four players, we will have maybe one defender and maybe three offensive players.

That is our plan, and that will really put us in a good position,” Bilic said. “Our transfer efforts continue.

We are going to play very important games in the Champions League. We are working very seriously to be ready before these matches,” he added.

“We all have high expectations. We are doing everything we can,” the Croatian trainer explained.

He also made a plea for confidence in his work, while criticizing the press for their poor treatment of the situation at BeIiktaI.“When I came here last season this club was one of the worst teams in terms of defense.

At the end of the season, it was a completely different situation and we had become one of the best defensive teams in the league along with Galatasaray,” he recalled.And Bilic believes he can improve on his accomplishments from last year by focusing more effort on what he believes is his club’s current weak point.

“Last season we had some faults on the offensive front. We have parted ways with some players,” he noted.

Limited choicesBilic has a few obstacles to overcome beyond press negativity. The club has struggled with budget troubles for the past several years, which makes it difficult to attract big names to Turkey.

But that is not the greatest limitation. Due to increasingly stringent foreign player quotas, Turkish talent is in much higher demand.

On one hand, locals are often cheaper than foreigners, but on the other, the strict quotas have driven up prices, which can spell trouble for clubs in debt, such as BeIiktaI.The Turkish Football Federation began increasing limits on the number of foreign players last year, when the quota was 10 foreigners per club, to only six on each 18-person squad.

This year, the overall quota is eight, with five foreigners on the squad for each match.This all comes together to create a situation in which BeIiktaI must rely on the hope and determination of young Turkish players rather than tried and true veterans in order to carry it to the top of the league charts this season.

Bilic seems willing to work within the boundaries that have been set by the current circumstances. He is up to the task of teaching a group of young players to be a team“The young players here have worked really hard.

Furkan plays in the forward position and is a very promising player for the future. umit has shown that he has a bright future.

He is a talented left back, but when he can use his right foot better he will add so much more,” Bilic said. “I am really happy with the performance of the young players in general,” he added.

If all else fails on the transfer front, then Bilic always has a Plan B “We are trying to establish a foundation in which we can switch from system to system without changing the players. We tried this in our first practice match,” he said, adding, “We will alter it according to the situation.

”Of course, he can talk all he wants. The only proof will come with BeIiktaI earning a top spot in the league this season.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman