Questions on combating terror

The Suruandc massacre not only contributed to the growth of a reaction among Turkish people (with the exception of some marginal circles and groups) against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) but also raised allegations that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) supported it.
The AKP government should have offered some satisfactory explanations for these allegations. In addition, it should also have explained the rationale behind its failed Syria policy. But without having to do so, the AKP was saved by the murder of two police officers in Ceylanpinar in retaliation for the Suruandc massacre.
Now there is a new situation in Turkey. Every day, we hear news reports indicating that somebody was killed in different parts of the country. People vow for revenge at funerals. A nationalist tide is being provoked in the name of combating terror. The people are being told to support the government in its fight against terror. And by government, what they actually mean is the AKP. Obviously, they are trying to give the message that if the AKP does not come to power, the people will have to face chaos. The AKP trolls and pro-government columnists underline this. If this is all about combating terror, then there are some concrete questions that need to be asked and answered properly.
There have been many attacks against the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) before the elections were all these attacks resolved and the perpetrators identified? Who bombed the HDP offices in Adana and Mersin? What was their goal? One of those who detonated a bomb at the HDPand’s Diyarbakir rally was caught and detained. Who gave the instruction for a massacre to this person? How did he find the bomb, take it to the site of the rally and plant it? The person who committed a suicide attack in Suruandc was identified. Is this person connected to others as well? How did he acquire the explosives? Who instructed him to commit this crime?
And there is also a security and intelligence dimension of the matter. These incidents and attacks took place in and”criticaland” areas. For instance, Suruandc is across the border from Kobani. And ISIL committed a horrible massacre in Kobani shortly before the attack in Suruandc. Is there any administrative investigation into the possible security and intelligence failure? Did the government remove anybody from their posts and positions for negligence?
Were the persons who killed the two police officers in Ceylanpinar identified? Why were they not caught? Where are they hiding? We do not know the answers to these questions. The only answer the authorities give is that the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK)amps are being bombed and that hundreds of PKK militants were killed in these attacks.
And one of the critical questions is this: Is it true that the people who detonated the bomb at the HDPand’s rally in Diyarbakir and committed a massacre in Suruandc traveled across the Turkish-Syrian border many times under the auspices and supervision of the intelligence agency?
Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Veli Aibaba raised this argument. Speaking on the findings of the CHP delegation which ran an investigation in Adiyaman and Diyarbakir, Aibaba said: and”The people who detonated a bomb in a political rally in Diyarbakir and the person who committed a massacre in Suruandc as a suicide bomber traveled back and forth between Turkey and Syria many times under [the National Intelligence Organization] MiTand’s supervision. We may argue that ISIL is being compassionately protected by the government. There is an intelligence failure in the bombings in Diyarbakir and Suruandc. MiT supervised the participation of new militants in ISIL and the travels of the perpetrators between Turkey and Syria.and” If it is all about combating terror, the AKP government should be able to give proper answers to these questions and allegations. The main goal of the and”combat against terrorand” discourse and the growing nationalist tide is to create an election atmosphere that would ensure that the HDP would be left out of Parliament.