Psychological barrier

The nation said and”noand” on June 7 to Turkey transforming into a dictatorship. Voters from diverse ideological camps voted for different political parties with divergent expectations about the future but in essence, they issued a warning to the Recep Tayyip Erdogan-led despotic aenture. It is the duty of political parties to use this historic warning — which, in and of itself, is very precious — to come up with practical results. Given the fact that about 60 percent of voters said and”noand” to the Justice and Development Partyand’s (AKP) extravagance, irrational and insatiable ambitions, unlawful and unethical despotism, unlawfulness and arbitrariness, the other political parties can hardly afford to turn a blind eye to this message.
This message is so clear that it doesnand’t need any interpretation, explanation or evasive analysis. The election results give the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP), the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) the arithmetical possibility of putting an end to the AKPand’s power. Whether these three parties will properly take aantage of this possibility has been debated for days. Everyone is wondering if these three parties will take heed of this historic message that saved the country from the brink of an abyss. The common and main priority of the 292 seats in Parliament not controlled by the AKP is obvious: bring Turkey back on the right track after it was derailed by Erdoganand’s personal sins and ambitions and the AKPand’s complicity in those sins.
What needs to be done to this end is obvious: restore Turkeyand’s political system according to the ideal of a liberal, democratic state governed by the rule of law stop the AKPand’s despotism and corruption and prevent its archaic mentality that sees all dissident groups as enemies from using the state apparatus and the judiciary as a weapon put an end to the despotism that undermines the sense of justice, destroys trust in the rule of law and the judiciary and shattered societyand’s hopes of the future bury the decadent mentality that disregarded all moral values by publicly indulging in thefts, graft, nepotism and tyranny with a reckless attitude reckon with the fetid mindset that triggered an overall social decay by normalizing acts that are considered sins according to religion, crimes according to the law and shameful acts according to morality and try the corrupt government officials who committed crimes with an insolence stemming from the impunity and immunity of being in power…
You can add new items to this list. We know that the CHP, the MHP and the HDP have similar notions about what should be done, but they differ only in respect of the solution to the Kurdish issue. However, we are surprised to see how some of these parties act as though the public doesnand’t know what it wants. Certain politicians have apparently failed to overcome the psychological barriers in their minds and are unfortunately showing signs of wasting the opportunity. Instead of uniting based on common grounds, these parties are doing what they should absolutely refrain from: they are focusing on their ideological differences. They have forgotten the promises they made in the run-up to the election that they would reckon with Erdogan and the AKPand’s despotism, unlawfulness and corruption. In this way, they are endowing Erdogan, the architect of despotism, and the AKP, the guardian of corruption, with the playmaker role although voters clearly sent the message that they would like to get rid of Erdogan.
Do not get me wrong I donand’t expect the CHP, the MHP and the HDP, which are ideologically diverse parties, to reach a perfect agreement on all matters. What they are supposed to do is establish a restoration government and bring Turkey back on the right track, even at the minimal level, and ensure that elections are held in a fair and free atmosphere. What they should do is obvious, particularly in terms of Parliamentand’s legislative activities for a period of two years at most. The MHPand’s hatred for the HDP and the HDPand’s dislike for the MHP are dashing the nationand’s hopes. Thus, a suitable climate is being created for the AKP so that it can muster power once again in complete disregard for ethical or legal rules or principles. In the face of the political maturity and constructive attitude exhibited by the CHP, such as the suggestion that the MHP leader be the prime minister, the MHPand’s ambivalent attitude raises questions. In the run-up to the election, the MHP had made everyone remember the AKPand’s parade of crimes with the slogan, and”Remember,and” but it seems that it forgot what it wanted the nation to remember. It is frequently suggested that the MHP will partner with the AKP and this will certainly lead to great disappointment among voters. Having declined the CHPand’s offers to bring the MHP and its leader, Devlet Bahandceli, to power, they give the impression that they are afraid of coming to power.
Yet, in democracies, all political parties aspire to come to power. This attitude is in stark contrast to the primary motivation of democracies and it will make Bahandceli and the MHP lose many things. The HDP has turned into a heterogeneous party by securing support from diverse political and ideological groups. Any move that will help the AKP stay in power despite its despotism, sins, crimes and unlawfulness instead of facilitating the CHPand’s and MHPand’s coalition government that can be established with the support of the HDP will only result in not only the country, but also the stakeholders of that move paying a big price.
Any party that serves as a buttress for the AKP that turned the country into a balls-up in every area including the economy, foreign policy, judiciary, social harmony and rights and freedoms, is agreeing to sign its own execution order. This nation will never forgive the political leaders who hide behind their psychological barriers and phobias and produce all sorts of excuses not to fulfil the duty imposed on them by the nation.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman