Prosecutor General’s Office: Elsever Abdullayev breached labor, service and executive disciplines during his activity

Baku: The prosecutor general’s office has issued information on a number of service offences committed by Elsever Abdullayev, brother of Elshad Abdullayev, who was the former rector of Azerbaijan International University and is wanted by local law enforcement agencies.

Some media outlets have depicted Elsever Abdullayev, a former official of the prosecutor general’s office, as knowledgeable lawyer and that he was dismissed illegally and without good reason, Prosecutor general’s office spokesperson Eldar Sultanov told APA.

“We refute this information because it’s far from reality. We would like to note that Elsever Abdullayev has been taken disciplinary action against for committing labor, service, and executive offences during the period he worked as head of the department for supervision over investigation at the Prosecutor General’s Office,” said the spokesperson.

Abdullayev who failed to fulfill his tasks decently committed numerous offences allowing procrastination keeping the materials which were submitted by the subordinate prosecutors’ offices and he was assigned to study, the criminal cases he was entrusted to check the legality and validity of the decisions adopted on criminal proceedings and terminated criminal cases for more than half a month with no grounds, Sultanov said.

Taking the above mentioned into account and as a result of the service investigation, Abdullayev was dismissed from the prosecuting authorities.