Pro-gov’t media, AK Party deputies banned from commenting on ArIn’s remarks

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) administration has banned the partyand’s members and pro-AK Party media outlets from referring to remarks made by Bandulent Arinandc, a former deputy prime minister, who directed some criticisms at the partyand’s policies on Saturday.
Arinandc, a co-founder of the AK Party who is not running for re-election, revealed in a televised interview that he has been blacklisted by media outlets, including state broadcaster TRT, despite having been the minister in charge of TRT, the state-run Anadolu news agency and pro-government broadcasters for the past two years.
and”I am embargoed by broadcasters that they see as friends. They havenand’t invited me on purpose. This includes TRT, which I was in charge of,and” he told CNN Tandurk. Arinandc said the media ban even included those broadcasters who had made positive comments about him and Abdullah Gandul, a former president and another AK Party co-founder.
The AK Party administration ordered the partyand’s members and pro-AK Party media outlets not to comment about Arinandcand’s remarks or give coverage to them so that the party does not seem to be suffering from an intra-party conflict ahead of the Nov. 1 general election, sources from within the party told Todayand’s Zaman.
andquotDonand’t respond to Arinandc. Donand’t engage in a polemic with him. Donand’t make any comment [about his remarks],andquot the deputies of the AK Party were allegedly told.
In line with this decision, Yalandcin AkDogan, a senior AK Party official and deputy prime minister, who spoke to NTV during a live broadcast on Monday, refused to answer a question regarding Arinandcand’s claims that he was blacklisted by some TV stations.
AkDogan said Arinandc had a dispute with Ankara Mayor Melih GandOkandcek, who is also from the ranks of the AK Party, ahead of the June 7 general election, which was damaging to the party.
Before the June 7 election, Arinandc raised corruption allegations about GandOkandcek when GandOkandcek accused him of being a member of the so-called parallel state, a phrase coined by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to refer to the faith-based Gandulen movement in the aftermath of a corruption probe that went public in December 2013. Erdogan, who was prime minister at the time, accused the movement of establishing a parallel state and attempting to topple his government with the graft probe, in which senior members of his government were implicated. The movement strongly denies Erdoganand’s accusations.
andquotWe took lessons from this process, so I donand’t see how engaging in debate will damage the party,andquot AkDogan said.
On Saturday, in what appears to be a declaration that he has parted ways with President Erdogan and the AK Party, Arinandc said: and”I can say I have lost my enthusiasm. I might also have lost some of the affection I had for certain people.and”
and”People withstand challenges with [the power of] love. But if that love wanes — regardless of who is responsible — and if walls of ice start to rise between you and the people you do politics with, one can say that it is time to take a break,and” said Arinandc.