President Özal commemorated on 21st anniversary of his death

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Memorial service was held to commemorate Turkey’s eighth president, Turgut Özal, who died while serving in office, on the 21st anniversary of his death.

A large crowd gathered around Özal’s mausoleum in Istanbul’s TopkapI neighborhood. Özal’s wife, Semra, several politicians and many other people were there to offer their prayers for the late president.

Thousands of people gathered around Özal’s mausoleum in the morning. People prayed and read Quran for the late president.

Speaking to the reporters Semra Özal said it is impossible for anyone to replace Özal, which is a loved figure nationwide.

Son of Özal, Ahmet Özal stated that the exact reason what had triggered his father’s death has not been determined yet despite passing years.

Özal died of a heart attack in 1993, according to official reports. However, a new investigation was launched by an Ankara prosecutor last year as allegations and claims mounted over the underlying cause of his death, with his family suggesting the late president may have been killed.


Thursday, April 17, 2014 SOURCE: CIHAN

Praying people
Interview with Semra Özal
Interview with Ahmet Özal

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