President Ilham Aliyev: New format of cooperation shaping in Eurasia – “We will come together for the opening of TANAP after three years”

Baku: “I’m pleased to be in the fraternal country of Turkey. I paid a state visit to Turkey early this year. We’ll celebrate the anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Canakkale,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at the groundbreaking ceremony of the TANAP project in Kars, Turkey.

President Ilham Aliyev noted that a new format of cooperation is shaping in Eurasia: “Greece, Bulgaria and Balkan states are joining this process. Balkan states will purchase our gas in the future, Romania and Hungary also can join these projects as the resources are plenty and transporting capability of the Southern Gas Corridor high. We must try to supply ourselves and friendly neighbor countries with our gas to the maximum extent. The countries participating in these projects become natural allies. They have different history and culture. From this point of view, the Southern Gas Corridor is not only economic but also a serious political initiative, a project bringing forth economic benefit”.

The head of state noted that the main factor is that producing and transiting countries should benefit from this project: “Once the balance of interests is created, we can be successful. Mutual trust will accelerate the work. We need to trust one another much more. As an experienced country, Azerbaijan will do its own part. All the projects we have so far initiated with Turkey and Georgia proved successful. I believe the Southern Gas Corridor and its part TANAP will be implemented successfully”.

The president emphasized that the Southern Gas Corridor is a project of diversification: “The only new gas source for Europe today is Azerbaijan’s Shahdeniz gas field. Diversification of sources and roads is important, too. The existence of new sources is vital. The world and Europe will need much gas. Conventional sources are depleting.

I’m confident that we will also be able to carry out our work successfully in future. What is important is that there is mutual understanding and respect among us. TANAP’s foundation was laid today on the last Tuesday of Nowruz. It’s very important. We build our future on national traditions. The guests coming from various countries are our friends. God willing, we will come together for the opening of TANAP after three years”.

SOURCE: Azeri-Press News Agency