President Erdogan ratifies Judicial Reform Package

ISTANBUL: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has approved the Judicial Reform Package which includes much revision on Judges and Prosecutors Law.

Relating the approval of new Judicial and Reform Package was made by the to the official internet site of Turkish presidency.

judicial package, which introduces new judicial reforms, shortly after it adopted a change that no longer makes it a terror crime to print statements of terrorist organizations and attend unauthorized demonstrations.

The judicial reform package aims to prevent human rights violations and in turn protect the right to life, eliminate torture and ill treatment, as well as to prevent violations of the right to liberty and security. The package also contains measures that would assist in ensuring that judicial procedures are completed within a reasonable amount of time; remove all obstacles before the right of access to court; strengthen the rights of convicts and increase the effectiveness of defense attorneys; ensure equality between prosecution and defense; provide for the effective implementation of judicial decisions; remove all obstacles before freedom of thought and conscience; expand freedom of the press and freedom of expression; find solutions for violations of property rights; and eliminate obstacles before the right to form associations and assemble freely.