President Aliyev visits scene of fire tragedy in Baku

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev visited the site of a fire in a high-rise residential building in Baku and held the first meeting of the state commission for investigation of the causes of the fire on May 20.

The strong fire at a sixteen-storey building in Baku’s Binagadi district on May 19 killed 15, four of which are children. 41 people were hospitalized suffering burns, gas poisoning

As the president said, the primary version of the cause of the fire is the facing of the building with poor-quality and non-fire-resistant materials.

The building residents said that the fire started from the first floor and in a few seconds covered the entire high-rise. This is the second case this month where fire spread rapidly due to easily flammable materials.

The head of state earlier instructed the state authorities to investigate the cause of the fire, and punish those who are responsible for such negligence.

The commission will also investigate the issuance of certificates for plastic cladding used for building as well as safety standards in their use.

SOURCE: Azer News