Presenter at Belgium-based radio station dismissed over criticism of Turkish gov’t

Kenan Erer presented the radio program “Karganın Kahvaltısı” [A Crow’s Breakfast] for the last time on Tuesday morning and said the managers of Gold FM radio station had decided to take his program off the air.

“Those who think that they silenced us with oppression and despotism seem to have achieved their goals, but I will continue to take a stand by singing songs and writing books,” said Erer in the program.

He said he received messages of support from the followers of his radio show after his dismissal. “Armenians, Kurds, Turks and people from all sects of this country [Turkey] called me to express sorrow [at my dismissal],” said Erer.

He also said he was subject to criticism from some followers of his program, who accused him of being an “atheist” or “irreligious” when he criticized Erdogan.

“President Erdogan has become a figure above debate in Turkey. When you say something [critical] about him, you are accused of being a traitor, irreligious or unpatriotic,” said Erer.