Pregnant woman dies while waiting on queue at hospital in eastern Turkey

KARS: An eight-month pregnant woman reportedly died while she was waiting for her turn at long queue at a hospital in the eastern province of Kars this week.

Nurgul Cagdavur, went to Kars Harakani State hospital complaining about pain in her stomach. Along with her father and mother, she was waiting at a long queue despite having a despite having a severe pain.

Father Isa Calisir said although he knocked door of the doctor and said his pregnant daughter is in need of an urgent treatment, the officials replied she has to wait in the queue for her turn. Calisir said she later died at the queue due to negligence of the medical staff.

Husband of Cagdavur, Imdat Cagdavur said they were exposed to a harsh and impolite treatment by the hospital staff whenever they came saying they he filed a criminal complaint about some doctors due to their attitude and negligence which led to death of his wife and children.