Prague to host Azerbaijan- the magical Land of Fire exhibition

By: Amina Nazarli

Naprstek Museum under the Czech National Museum will hold some educational events as part of the “Azerbaijan- the magical Land of Fire” exhibition.

A lecture titled “Azerbaijani traditional carpet weaving art” by Ph.D Zdenka Klimtova will be held on January 31. After the lecture, the guests will have a chance to get acquainted with “Samukh”, one kind of the carpet weaving art in Azerbaijan.

On February 5, lecturer Adriana Stribrna will talk about Azerbaijani outstanding poet Nizami Ganjavi. She will give information about impetus that the poet gave to the national poetry. Moreover, Adriana will speak about the image of Alexander the Great, reflecting in the work of Ganjavi.

Another lecturer, Ph.D David Mayer will give a lecture titled “armor and weapons” on February 12. Furthermore, the exhibition entitled “the Azerbaijan- the magical Land of Fire” will last till February 15.