Possible presidential scenarios and a question

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- It now becomes evident that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan will consider his own priorities rather than normative criteria for the presidential candidacy.
However, it is our duty to draw attention to its probable repercussions because Turkey is not and should not be a country whose future can be manipulated by ErdoIan or anyone else.

If he submits to his desire to become president, ErdoIan will leave Turkey in a new state of chaos. If he makes a radical self-criticism and surprises everybody, corrects his mistakes, takes action to put an end to the polarization in the country and starts defending the rule of law, democracy, justice and peace, this would be an attitude that everybody would praise this would also be in the best interest of Turkey as well. But unfortunately, this is nothing more than a dream that will not come true because ErdoIan is sticking to his “fight” even after the March 30 local elections.

The major discussion that commentators have been focusing on, in case ErdoIan is elected president, is the future of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) after ErdoIan. There is general agreement that if he is elected president, ErdoIan will still want to have control over the government and the party. However, it is also argued that current President Abdullah Gul is not the best choice for ErdoIan as prime minister, given that he is a strong political figure who would not agree to this role. However, if ErdoIan picks another name as prime minister, Gul will definitely not stay away from politics.

This is what ErdoIan is currently worried about. If he is elected president, the AKP may be weakened and eventually decline. ErdoIan will not be chairing his party in the parliamentary elections in 2015. Given that ErdoIan was the major factor in the AKP’s victories in all previous elections, perhaps it will not be realistic for him and his party to conclude that they will win another landslide victory in the upcoming general elections. And it is not a prophetic conclusion to argue that an AKP that is not in power will eventually collapse because the party has been transformed into a multi-layered partnership of interests. And when the AKP is not in power, it is not possible to believe that Recep Tayyip ErdoIan will be comfortable in his position as president.

Turkey will experience serious ups and downs as well as major changes in the upcoming year. The AKP’s decline would have been faster if its vote had been below 40 percent in the March 30 local elections. Despite some decline in its vote, the AKP still won the elections. This has created an impact that will extend to the presidential elections. The March 30 election results raised hopes for ErdoIan that he can become president. But I think he is also aware that this is not sufficient to clarify this pretty process of uncertainties in Turkey.

Of course, I am talking about possibilities here. Let us assume that ErdoIan finds proper answers to the questions in his mind. Of course, this is also a possibility. But is it possible, without going through a major process of self-criticism and answering the bribery and corruption charges in legal terms, that ErdoIan will be a fair and impartial president? I will keep asking this question because I believe that there is strong societal justification for this.

Recently, I was in Hatay. The people in this city are fairly concerned because they profoundly suffer from the repercussions of the government’s failed policy on Syria. Everybody knows who is responsible for the current chaos, fear and concerns in this city which used to host people from different civilizations, backgrounds, faiths and pasts in peace.

The person who will be elected as president of the Republic of Turkey will also serve as president of the people in Hatay, right?

CAFER SOLGUN (CihanToday’s Zaman)