Polling company apologizes for showing HDP below election threshold

While many polling companies attempted to project accurate election results for Sundayand’s general election, ORC Research apologized publicly for failing to predict that the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Party (HDP) would cross the 10 percent election threshold necessary to enter Parliament.
Many of the companies that failed to predict the results of Marchand’s local elections accurately did not repeat the same mistake this time.
Polling companies like KONDA, METROPOLL, A and Gezici Company found in their research that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) would fail to get a majority for single-party rule and showed the HDP surpassing the election threshold.
However, ORC Research, ANAR and KONSENSUS forecasted that the AK Party would secure 45 percent of the vote and win the majority to form the government alone, a forecast in contradiction with Sundayand’s election results, as the ruling party only received 40.7 percent of the vote and lost the majority. The same companies also showed the HDP below the election threshold. However, the HDP won an election breakthrough by securing around 80 seats in Parliament.
ORC Research issued a written statement and apologized for the mistake.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman