Politicians and academics call on AK Party to fulfill its commitments to stability

A grandmother and her granddaughter died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a coal stove in their home in the Black Sea province of andcorum on Thursday, with one other family member hospitalized.
According to the Cihan news agency, the incident took place at the family home in 19th Street in the Sinan neighborhood of central andcorum on Thursday night. Bariican iahin (17)ame to the home on Thursday night but no one opened the door. Bariican iahin then entered via a window and found his sister Gamzenur iahin, his mother Gandulay iahin and grandmother Fatma Kandurgen (65) unconscious after inhaling carbon monoxide that had leaked from a coal-burning stove in their home. He then alerted his neighbors, who called the police and emergency services. The three were taken to the andcorum Teaching and Research Hospital. Gandulay iahin remains in a critical condition.
Every year in Turkey, thousands of people are treated for the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning due to accidents in the home or workplace, with deaths being common. Many poor people in Turkey have no central heating system in their houses other than coal-burning stoves, since coal is cheaper than natural gas in the country.
Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. It mixes directly with the blood when inhaled, and it is very likely to have fatal consequences if not treated immediately. The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are headache, vomiting, dizziness, loss of consciousness and respiratory disorders.