Police use disproportionate force during raid at İpek media

Police officers who raided İpek media headquarters in İstanbul resorted to brutal ways to intervene in the people and journalists who gathered to support İpek media to which government appointed a board of trustees on Monday.

People who were holding a peaceful demonstration were exposed to water cannon and tear gas. Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Mahmut Tanal was also assaulted by the police when he asked them to show an official notice authorizing their actions.

Some of the people were detained by the police tehy they expressed reaction to police brutality. Police tied people’s hands with plastic handcuffs.

The police tried to clear a path for several trustees to enter the building. While trying to do so they assaulted many people, including reporters. After the fire crew cut chain on the gate of the building, police raided the building, harming the media workers.