Police raid six associations under ‘reasonable suspect’ in western Turkey

MANISA: Operations against associations and nongovernmental organizations which provide scholarship for students continue in the western province of Manisa due to “reasonable suspicion”.

Last week, operations were held against four associations against four associations in the city under the same reason. No one was detained in the incident. The police inspected computers and seized certain documents for examination. During the search, many police officers stood outside the building for added security.

On Tuesday, six more associations were the target of the police. The police raided the buildings simultaneously and have been conducting inspections since morning hours. Police took tight security measures in the entrances of the buildings and do not let anyone in, except from the directors of the associations.

The police raid was allowed due to the controversial amendment passed in December 2014 that makes it possible for the authorities to arrest anyone whose case presents “reasonable suspicion,” and not necessarily tangible evidence.

With the new law, the threshold for the burden of proof required for obtaining a search warrant was reduced from strong and concrete evidence to mere reasonable suspicion in the bill. The police are not only able to easily search any individual, their home and vehicle, but also easily seize the property of all so-called dissidents on the grounds that they committed a crime against the government.