Police intrude Bugun TV MCR along with trustees

Police, who stormed to the İpek media group’s building along with a board of trustees went off the air at Kanalturk and Bugun TVs on early Wednesday.

Trustee members and the police entered the master control room (MCR) of the channel and tried to go off the air by saying that they would take over the channel.

Bugun TV executive editor Tarik Toros prevented the police and trustee members to block the broadcast.

Toros wanted the trustee members to show their identities and mission authorities. Not showing any documents, the members tried to force channel personnel out of the building.

Afterwards, police arrived at the entrance of the MCR.

Reportedly, a financial advisor, who tried to block to broadcast in MCR faced questions asked by Toros, “Who are you? What is your name? Are you in charge of this?”. The man did not reply the questions.

Bugun daily newspaper executive editor Erhan Basyurt, arrived at the MCR and asked people about their duty and authority.

One of the editors of the channel claimed that trustee members said “We will take over the channel” in the meeting.

Over the insistence of authorities of the channel, trustee members had to leave the building.