Police intervenes in protestors walking to Diyarbakir’s Sur

Police intervened in the group, who protested the curfew and walked to enter the Sur district of Diyarbakir on Sunday. Police scattered the group, in which also some People’s Democratic Party (HDP) members were, with tear gas and pressurized water.

Explosion voices have been continuing to loud from Sur, of which six neighborhoods are still under curfew. The protestors gathered in terminal square. Blocking the road with anti-riot water cannon vehicles (TOMA), the police did not let the protestors to walk to Sur. The crowded group held a sit-in protest for a while at scene and walked to Ofis district later. Some of people in group threw stones to the police. Police intervened in the group with tear gas and water.

Meanwhile, the curfew, which has been ongoing in Sur as nonstop for five days, is still ongoing in the district. Also, the security forces’ operations against terrorists are ongoing. A special operation police was injured on Saturday as the other one was martyred to death.