Police intervene in protestors in İstanbul’s Aksaray

The police intervened in the group, who wanted to hold a protest in front of İstanbul’s Aksaray subway upon call of Solidarity with Families of Arrested People Organization (TUAD), on Saturday. Underground services were interrupted for a while due to the incidents.

Riot police forces did not let the group when they wanted to gather in Aksaray subway. The brawl occurred between the police and the group, who chanted slogans on behalf of Abdullah Ocalan. Police intervened in the group, of which People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Deputy Pervin Buldan was among the protestors, with tear gas and plastic bullet. Reportedly, as some of protestors were taken into custody during the rallies while some of them ran away to back alleys.

Two anti-riot water cannon vehicles (TOMA) are holding to wait in the area.

Police are still continuing to wait in the area.