Police inspector shoots officer in training

Police inspector S.K. accidentally shot police officer K.D. while giving VIP close protection training at the Ankara Police Department on Tuesday.
According to media reports, the inspector gathered the trainees in a room and began talking about the protection of the president, the prime minister and other officials. During the class, the inspector pulled out his gun and pointed it at the officers while telling them about the importance of a gunand’s safety catch. After switching on his gunand’s safety, he pulled the trigger twice. Unfortunately, the gun fired when he pulled the trigger a third time, shooting police officer K.D. right above the heart.
The injured officer was brought to Gazi Hospital and underwent emergency surgery. According to reports, his situation is still critical due to the bullet splintering his collarbone.
The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office has launched an investigation into the incident and called S.K. to the prosecutorand’s office to give a statement.
It has been reported that the inspector and officer were close friends.