Police detain 71 in raids against terrorist ISIL

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) deputy and President Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s former top aiser Aydin andunal threatened Turkish critical media outlets on Tuesday while on a TV program on pro-government station A Haber, saying they will be brought to account after next weekand’s election. andunal accused the critical media of hate crimes and discrimination while claiming that they will account for these crimes after the Nov. 1 election. He also claimed that the government cannot bring them to account as the government is under pressure.
and”We are not in a really comfortable environment right now, however after the Nov. 1 election they will all be brought to account,and” andunal said, and promised as a deputy to pursue the matter.
andunal also lashed out at the SandOzcandu daily, saying: and”SandOzcandu daily insults [the president and the government] every day. If you say something, then they say that the media has been intervened into.and” andunal also implied that if the government responds to the insults their actions are shown as pressure on the media. andunaland’s remarks came after the controversial government-backed move to seize the Koza ipek Holding company, which has media outlets in its portfolio. The Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace ruled on Monday for the takeover of the administration of the holdingand’s 22 companies, including two television stations and two newspapers that have a critical editorial position toward the current Turkish regime, after a request to that effect from a prosecutor.
The seizure, which came just days before the upcoming general election, is seen by many as an attempt to silence critical media and opposition figuresand’ voices. It was criticized by many national and international outlets as a strong blow to media freedom.