PM convenes top businesspeople, seeks support against opposition

In the run-up to the upcoming parliamentary election on June 7, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu met with prominent tycoons on Monday night in a bid for their support against much-ballyhooed election pledges of opposition parties which have provoked obvious unease among government circles.
According to Fortune Turkey, Davutoilu had a meeting with businesspeople at the home of Kibar Holding Chairman Ali Kibar in Istanbuland’s Baltalimani quarter.
Davutoilu purportedly expressed criticism about the silence from business circles over opposition promises to increase the minimum wage.
While the main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) vows to raise the monthly minimum wage to TL 1,500, another opposition party, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), promises to push it up to TL 1,400. The Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) pledges to increase it to as high as to TL 1,800. The minimum wage currently stands at TL 949.
Among business professionals who attended the meeting were the chairman of Turkeyand’s largest conglomerate, Koandc Holding, Mustafa Koandc the deputy chairman of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmenand’s Association (TanduSiAD), Ali Koandc the chairwoman of leading private lender Akbank, Suzan Sabanci Dinandcer the chairman of Fiba Holding, Handusnandu andOzyeiin the CEO of Yildiz Holding, Murat andulker the chairman of Ciner Holding, Turgay Ciner the chairman of the Akfen Group, Hamdi Akin the chairman of MUDO, Mustafa Taviloilu the chairman of Doiui Holding, Ferit iahenk, and the CEO of Yandex Turkey, Mehmet Ali Yalandcindai.
Earlier this month, Davutoilu and several Cabinet members warned employers against a possible surge in employment costs after a hike in the minimum wage and urged them to vote for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in the coming election. The CHPand’s other election pledge, to increase retirement pensions, was first blasted by the government but later entered the election package of the AK Party as well.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman