PKK terrorists set vehicles ablaze in Tunceli

A group of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members, who set three vehicles ablaze after blocking traffic to traffic, in the same way, also set many vehicles ablaze on the same road after closing road with oak tree by setting on bomb trap in the evening hours in eastern Turkish province of Tunceli.

A group of terrorists intercepted 15 kilometers of Tunceli- Erzincan Highway and blocked it to the traffic. PKK terrorist who came to the Uzuntarla location blocked road by stopping the vehicles at 18:00 Turkish Local Time, starting PKK propaganda and then setting on articulated lorry and two trucks set ablaze.

Meanwhile some flames leaped to the forest and caused a fire which spread quickly. During the incident it was seen that local resident intervened the fire to put it off. Then the Tunceli Fire Brigade Teams arrived at the scene.

After determined by drones, the cobra helicopters, which took off from Tunceli Regiment Commandership, bombarded the locations which PKK militants fled.

Meanwhile, PKK terrorists who arrived the 40 km of Tunceli –Erzinzan Hiwway near the Zagge location at 21:00 and set many cars ablaze after stopping them and blocking the road with oak trees.

Land and air operations are still being conducted by Turkish Armed Forces in the area.