PKK suicide bombing kills 2 soldiers, injures dozens in AIrI

The terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK)ontinued its recent wave of attacks on members of the Turkish security forces over the weekend, killing two soldiers and wounding dozens of others in a suicide attack in the eastern province of Airi on Sunday.
In the early hours of Sunday a PKK terrorist carried out a suicide attack using a tractor loaded with two tons of explosives, targeting a gendarmerie outpost close to the border with Iran in the Doiubeyazit district of Airi, the provincial governorand’s office and the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have announced. Two soldiers — Medet Mat and Mansur Cengiz — were killed along with the suicide bomber, while 31 soldiers were wounded.
Four of the injured are in serious condition and have been taken to a military hospital in Erzurum for further treatment, according to the TSK. A number of villagers were also injured due to shrapnel being scattered for hundreds of meters. Some villagers told news outlets that they thought the noise of the explosions was an earthquake.
In its statement, the TSK said it strongly condemns the and”heinousand” attack perpetrated by and”murderers who have nothing to do with humanity,and” while it offered its condolences over the deaths of the soldiers.
In another incident, a military vehicle was hit by a landmine close to a pipeline owned by the state-owned Turkish Pipeline Corporation (BOTAi) in the southeastern province of Mardin late on Saturday night, leading to the death of one soldier with seven others being wounded. The Mardin Governorand’s Office released a written statement after the attack, saying a landmine that had been planted by members of the PKK had exploded at around 10 p.m. on Saturday. An investigation has been launched into the incident and the search for the assailants is still ongoing, the governorand’s office said. The body of the slain soldier, Pvt. Barii Akdabak, was sent to his hometown of Antalya for burial following a funeral ceremony in Diyarbakir on Sunday. In an incident in the Kaiizman district of Kars province on Saturday, gendarmerie Spc. Sgt. Ali GandOkandce was killed when he stepped on a landmine planted by the PKK. GandOkandceand’s body was sent to his hometown of Osmaniye for burial after a funeral ceremony at the Kars Provincial Gendarmerie Command on Sunday. There were also clashes in other parts of the region between PKK terrorists and Turkish security forces as well as operations against suspected PKK members over the weekend. In Vanand’s andcatak district, four people including pro-Kurdish Democratic Regions Partyand’s (DBP) andcatak district head Vehbi Batur were detained in an operation against the PKK. On Friday PKK terrorists attacked a gendarmerie outpost and a police station in andcatak. The police launched an operation against the assailants following the attack.
In a similar development, the co-mayor of the southeastern town of Lice was sent to jail pending trial on charges of terrorism, according to a news report on Sunday. Harun Erkui, a politician representing the DBP, was detained on July 30 along with five others in Lice, a district of Diyarbakir province, as part of sweeping police operations across Turkey against terrorist groups including the PKK, the Dogan news agency has said. Dogan said Erkui and another suspect, Abdullah Hocaoilu, were sent to a Diyarbakir prison while the remaining four suspects were released.
There was also an operation against the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) — the youth wing of the PKK — in iirnak provinceand’s Cizre district, as a part of which police raided a number of houses in the Nur neighborhood. The operations were launched after masked YDG-H members started to block roads and attack the security forces over the past two weeks. In another incident, a clash erupted between security forces and a group of PKK terrorists near the village of Gandunyanduzandu in Gandumanduihane provinceand’s Kandurtandun district.
More than 1,300 people were detained in police operations against the PKK, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the radical leftist Revolutionary Peopleand’s Liberation ArmyFront (DHKPC) late in July. An overwhelming majority of the detained are persons suspected of having links with the PKK.

h2CHP deputy asks Davutoilu about andlsquosacrificing sonsand’ remarksh2
Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) deputy Mehmet Tandum has submitted a parliamentary question to the Parliament Speakerand’s Office directed at interim Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu in which he asks the prime minister to clarify his remarks about the nation being willing to and”sacrifice its sons.and”
In the wake of the escalating PKK violence in the country, Davutoilu said in a recent statement said that and”if necessary, we are ready to sacrifice both our sons and ourselves for the homeland, its unity, its peace and for future generations to have a bright future.and” In his question, Tandum asked Davutoilu if he had meant his own sons or those of poor families. and”How many sons of AKP [Justice and Development Party] senior officials, ministers and high-ranking bureaucrats will go to war [with the PKK]?and” he asked.