Pianist Tambi qualify second tour in St. Petersburg

Syrian teenaged pianist Tambi Asaad, who newly granted with Turkish citizenship, has managed to qualify for the second round in a music competition which is being held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

During his 10 minute- long stage Tambi performed many musician pieces such as Modzard’s Sonata do Major, Bach’s Prelude and Fugue and Chopin’s Nocturnes.

Answering the reporters’ questions after his stage Asad said if he ranked with a degree in St Petersburg he would be very happy. “I feel that the second performance will be better than first because it was exciting. I’m happy, feeling honor and proud being attended this coopetition as a Turkish citizen. I would like to thank to everyone,” noted Asaad.

Isıl Kaya, 9, another Turkish citizen said he has been playing piano since 3 years and he is aiming to be ranked first but he said he would accept to be ranked third.